Run. Pass. Win.

The Unique Modular Football Offense That Grows With Your Program

About the Double Gun Offense

Unique Blocking System

High School Offense Blocking Scheme

The Double Gun blocking system is a set of easy-to-install rules based on a tried-and-true offense. The system is simple enough to be taught to youth programs and complex enough to compete against any high school defense. Coaches can implement a few, some or all of the blocking "play sets" based on the talent of their players and coaching staff.

Detailed Explanations

High School football offense blocking rules

The Double Gun Offense system includes a detailed "starter" PowerPoint presentation intended to get coaches and players familiar with the offense. Also included are PDF files of drills, sample practice plans for youth and high school, a playbook for youth and high school, lots of play clips, and full-length videos for each section of the system.

Complete Playbook

High School football playbook

A truly unique offense. Power running plays. Play action passes. Multi-receiver pass concepts. Traps. Screens. Even a triple-option series of plays. The Double Gun Offense is adaptable to your team and your coaching staff. The DGO system comes with a complete playbook and recommendations for a youth, junior high and high school play list.