About the double Gun Offense

Coach Jay Stolfi


Jay Stolfi has been coaching youth and high school football in Connecticut for 13 years. He has had success serving as a youth travel team coach, high school JV head coach, and high school offensive coordinator. He has authored football articles in American Football Monthly and Grid Iron Strategies, been a Nike Coach of the Year lecturer, and is a contributor to USA Football.

Coach Stolfi originally developed the Double Gun Offense as a way to expand the run-heavy double wing offense into a more pass friendly and balanced offense without creating more rules or uncertainty for his players. The result was an easy-to-install offense that 1. ) players understood and therefore executed well, and 2.) offered a wider range of playing styles and play calling options. 

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Double Gun Offense Today


After years of on-field coaching experience and meeting with top coaches around the country, Coach Stolfi further refined the Double Gun Offense to give coaches the widest range of play calling possibilities while staying within one simple, effective blocking scheme. 

Today's DGO is a "modular" system that allows coaches to install as much (or as little) of the system as time and talent allow. Starting with the core blocking scheme, coaches will install the same power runs, play action passes, traps and core plays of the original DGO. More advanced teams will then install additional "play sets" such as screen passes, triple option and even a new Split Gun spread formation.

Low on speed but good on size this year? Install the parts of the DGO that meet your talent. Good on speed but low on size next year? Keep the same system, teach the same rules but install and call the plays that work for your current team.

Run. Pass. Win.

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