Blocking Scheme

Modular Blocking System

The heart of the Double Gun Offense is the unique blocking scheme which allows coaches to:

  1. teach only one set of simple blocking rules for all plays and formations
  2. keep the same blocking rules season-after-season regardless of your talent level or anticipated game style
  3. install some, most or all of the blocking system based on your team's talent and experience level

How is this possible? First, the Double Gun Offense (DGO) is a combination of two successful offenses: the run-heavy double wing offense and the pass-friendly shotgun formation. The DGO was originally developed to give double wing teams more offensive diversity without adding more rules and confusing adjustments. It also gives pass-oriented coaches an offense that can be successful in those critical red-zone, short yardage and goal line situations.

Second, the DGO is a "modular" blocking scheme. All offensive plays are grouped by style (such as "traps" or "screens"). Each style of play has its own blocking "tag" that tells the offensive line how to block. Coaches can install just the core blocking tags or add more play styles by installing more blocking tags as experience and talent allow.

Finally, the DGO can be run by any football team. Experienced high school teams will benefit from the diverse play-calling possibilities: power runs, traps, screens, sweeps, various pass concepts and even triple-option! Youth teams can install only the core system, which is based on well established and successful football concepts. Need more plays? Install more tags!

Why the Double Gun?

Great coaches are great time managers. All football leagues (even the pros!) have limitations on when and how they practice. Football programs that are successful year-after-year have mastered time management and are consistent in their coaching strategies.

The Double Gun Offense combines multiple formations and styles of play under one simple system. It challenges any defense by simultaneously offering power running and multiple receivers. It stresses the defense, not your offense. In other words, the Double Gun Offense maximizes offensive diversity and minimizes installation complexity.

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