Change Your Offense- Keep Your Rules

Rosters change. Talent changes. So you need to run a new offense to better match your current on-field talent, right? Nope.

With the Double Gun Offense (DGO), you can keep the same system each year. Teach the same rules each year, allowing young players to develop and build on their experience. Coaches can favor the style of play (run-heavy, pass-heavy or balanced) that meets their skill set each season without needing to install a new offense or make lots of adjustments.

The Double Gun Offense is based on a "modular" concept. Youth and high school football programs install as much (or as little) of the system as their coaching and player talent allows.

DGO Playbook

Power Running


Pound the ball. Chew clock. The DGO uses double-team blocking and pulling linemen to overwhelm the defense at the point of attack.

Play Action Passing


Use your dominant ground game to setup an effective play-action pass game. Let the defense key on motion and hit them with play-action.

Traps, Counters & Misdirection


 The DGO features pre-snap motion and great faking on most plays. These skills are teachable to even a mediocre athlete and can neutralize and confuse a defense.

Flood, Verticals and Pass Concepts


The DGO's double wing and shotgun wing formations offer great inherent pass protection and plenty of opportunities to flood the zone, send multiple verticals, or concoct a little high-low concept to air-it-out.

Screen Passes (New!)


Bubble screens are part of the DGO playbook, but now there is a complete Screen Concept for the high school playbook. Screen passes can devastate an aggressive defense determined to "bring the house".

Triple-Option (New!)


The triple-option series is a brand new concept for the DGO and is included in the high school playbook. After successfully running a traditional high school triple-option offense, DGO creators added this hard-to-defend series to the playbook.