What's Included

Over 3.2 hours (20.2 GB) of full-length video

High School football double wing offense

You'll see our formations, alignments, blocking rules, plays and drills explained in several full-length videos. Our blocking scheme clips are demonstrated by high school players in close-up, highly visible and detailed videos. Game footage shows players as young as 5th grade executing the core offense. You get these full-length videos: 

  • Introduction/Game Philosophy (4:00)
  • Installation Part 1-Personnel (6:30)
  • Installation Part 2- Drills (10:18)
  • Installation Part 3- Sequence (24:38)
  • Blocking Rules Part 1-Alignment (5:10)
  • Blocking Rules Part 2-GOOD GOD (5:00)
  • Blocking Rules Part 3-Tags (11:00)
  • Play Analysis- Power (17:43)
  • Play Analysis- Counter (7:37
  • Play Analysis- Wedge (10:00)
  • Play Analysis- Trap/Sweep/Gut (16:44)
  • Play Analysis- Pass (15:22)
  • Play Calling Strategies Part 1 (14:36)
  • Play Calling Strategies Part 2 (34:50)
  • Film Breakdown and Self Evaluating (9:53) 

Over 25 Play Clip Videos

High School football offense, Double Wing, Shotgun

Individual videos of pass plays, traps, sweeps and power running plays for you to stop/pause/start and examine in detail.

  • high resolution video so you can play back at a good viewable size
  • stop/pause/start/rewind clips at your own pace to really learn the system
  • views from "helmet cam" to get a player's-eye-view of the action

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Presentations and Documentation

Double Gun Wing High School football offense

You get a complete set of documentation for players and coaches to learn the system:

  • An animated 170+ slide PowerPoint  "starter" presentation
    • includes a "Football 101" section to introduce young players and new coaches to basic football terms and concepts
    • includes detailed animated slides for teaching blocking rules
    • includes sample youth practice plans and youth play calling sheet
    • includes suggested youth, middle school and high school level plays
    •   includes drills and troubleshooting tips
  • A complete Hudl playbook
  • Hudl-based PDF drills